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We have joined up with some amazing veterinarians and dog resorts to offer some of the best possible dog training services you could ask for. We are a full time dog training facility with multiple locations that offers group classes, private lessons, and doggie training camp. We believe our knowledge of and dedication to our four legged friends is what sets us apart from other trainers. We have an in depth knowledge of the neurological developmental process and learning theory which in turns helps us give you more accurate techniques, train your dogs faster, and handle even the most complex behavior problems. Since I first started training dogs my mission has always been the same and that’s to help prevent the relinquishment and euthanasia of dogs through training and education we can build a stronger bond between dogs and their owners ensuring that our four legged friends have a happy forever home. When your dog runs into a behavior issue we know it can at times be overwhelming but we are confident after you speak to us your worries will subside. We have Locations in Jacksonville Fl, Orlando Fl, and West Palm Beach Florida.

More than Obedience Training
Everyone says that a dog is a man’s best friend. But what happens when your best friend gets out of line, barking excessively, biting, or tearing the house apart when you  have to run out to get groceries. Unfortunately, when most people realize that Buddy is out of control, they ship him out to the local pound. Chances are Buddy will sit in his chain link kennel until finally the pound has no choice than to put him down in order to make more room for other uncontrollable dogs.

But the pound is not the answer and your dog doesn’t have to be a stranger in your own home. Dogs have unique ways in seeing and interpreting the world around them. What we as humans may see, may not be what your dog sees. The keys to strengthening the communication channels between you and your dog can be found in obedience training.
The Owner's Experience
Once you make the call to us we want to welcome you and your dog as a part of our family. The first step is doing a brief consult, either over the phone, email, or website submission. From there we begin forming a specialized dog training plan focused on reaching your goals and bringing out your dog's full potential. We then set up an in person consult so you can meet with the dog trainer at the location nearest to you. At this point you decide which route of training you think would be the most beneficial for your dog. Our programs make it easy for your dog to start living up to their full potential and getting the most out of life.