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  • Obedience
  • Structure 
  • Exercise
  • Socialization
  • Mental Stimulation

Through many years of training dogs and analyzing behavior issues that we have come across we always run into the same question from owners and that is why. Everyone always wants to know why the dog they love and have spent so much time with is acting out. Whether its a behavior issue such as jumping, impulsiveness, barking, aggression, fear, anxiety, potty issues, the list really goes on but all the behavior problems can be resolved by following these five steps. Those behavior issues are what we refer to as surface issues that come to light because one of these 5 aspects of a dogs life have not been met. 

We have created a program designed to educate the owner and guide them through these five steps. Each step can vary according to the dog and the owners specific needs but once we have went through the process together you will see a happy dog living life at their full potential and decrease the stress and tension in your life caused by these behavior issues. Depending on your goals we have programs that will suite your budget and needs from one on one Private Lessons, Group Classes, to our extremely popular School For Dogs programs.



Our programs are well rounded with positive reinforcement training based on learning theory. We like to address each of the 5 steps in the training to create a happy obedient dog as well as educate the owner on how to build a happy and healthy relationship with their dog. Training is all about communicating expectations and guiding the dog to make decisions in these scenarios.

Behavior issues are the number one reason dogs are relinquished. We want to make it our mission to prevent the relinquishment of these dogs and help guide owners into making the right decision and training their dog. The pound is not the answer and your dog doesn’t have to be a stressor in your own home. Dogs are loyal companions that give unconditional love and should be a stress relief in your life. Give us a call or fill out our Consultation Form to get started on bringing out your dog's full potential. It's easier than you may think.

Once you make the call to us we want to welcome you and your dog as a part of our family. The first step is doing a brief consult, either over the phone, email, or website submission. From there we begin forming a specialized dog training plan focused on reaching your goals and bringing out your dog's full potential. We then set up an in person consult so you can meet with the dog trainer at the location nearest to you. At this point you decide which route of training you think would be the most beneficial for your dog. Our programs make it easy for your dog to start living up to their full potential and not being a stressor in your life.

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