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Service dogs can help people with all different types of needs. They can help people who are mobility impaired, blind, deaf, autistic, and many others. A service dog not only performs tasks for these people but also can act as a social bridge.

We have found through the past several years we get two huge inquires:

1)  Many people do not fully understand what qualifies as a service dog. Emotional support dogs and therapy dogs are not considered service dogs and are not given access rights like service dogs. We would recommend anyone to read through the ADA Laws on service dogs.

2) There is no national certificate for a service dog. The ADA has it set up so people can train their own dogs. Again please refer to The ADA's website and read through the laws regarding this.

  If you have decided a service could help you, the first step is to give us a call. Once you give us a call we will begin a series of conversations going over specific needs. We will need to know what your hobbies are, daily routine, and activities you like to do or would like to do in the future. Next we will begin the puppy selection process. Sometimes an older dog may be best or we might need to start with a puppy it all depends on your preferences. After we find a dog we will begin training starting off with socialization and basics. When the dog is really solid with the basics we will begin task specific training. During the training we will meet several times so you can see progress and get accustom to the commands. Lastly, when training is finished we will work together for several days going over all the commands and showing you how to work the training into your life. The cost for service dog training is $15,000 with us including the tasks that we teach the dog and other factors. The big expense is the amount of time and care taking involved in these dogs. The training can take between 8-18 months.  

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We can help train dogs to assists children with autism. We don't have a long waiting lists like most companies. We like to work closely with the family to help focus our training on the individual needs. Common tasks taught are nudging to break stimming, applying pressure, taking a card to get help, tethering, Search and rescue, but a big part of what these dogs do is providing a social bridge that allows children to interact in ways they wouldn't before.
Dogs can be a huge help for people with mobility issues. Everyday tasks can be very challenging if you are bound to a wheel chair. Dogs can help simplify your life by grabbing dropped objects, opening doors, pulling the wheel chair, turning on lights, getting help, and many other tasks