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The list of needs is small but the list of optional is up to you. We need a copy of updated vaccines, food, and medications for the duration of the training. Our goal is to have your dog as comfortable as possible. We provide toys and treats but encourage you to send anything that may make your dogs stay with us more comfortable. If your dog has a favorite toy or treat please send them. If they have a comfy bed feel free to send it (if soiled, we clean beds as much as possible but some don't make it back).

With one of our training packages we could teach your dog to stop jumping up and bothering guest that enter your home. Are you tired of the hassle everytime the door bell rings? It doesn't have to be such a hassle. We can provide private training sessions in the comfort of your own home to help your dog with this behavior problem. This holiday season I'm sure you're like most families and will have many guest in your home. Give us a call and we can help prevent your dog from bothering your guest this holiday season. We are offering a special 3 lesson solution for this behavior for only $270.

Picture this, The door bell rings you and your doggy security guard goes to answer and see who it is. It's a friend so you tell your dog to place, they go and lay in their bed and wait calmly as your friend enters.

That is completely achievable with this training package. Each of the 3 lessons will be geared directly for this behavior. I'm offering this special package because so many of our clients ask about this behavior.
How do I stop my dog from chewing?

Chewing is a very natural behavior for dogs so correcting it can be difficult. Here are a few things to consider when trying to correct it.  First, why is my dog chewing, are they bored, stressed, teething, or hungry?  To find this out consider the age of your dog. Younger dogs tend to get bored a lot faster then older dogs. If they are under 7 months of age they could be teething still. If your dog is older anxiety could be a culprit. Are they chewing your clothing, personal belongings, or at doors and windows? Those are all signs of anxiety. If your dog is chewing and shredding things they may be bored.  All of these scenarios have slightly different ways to go about correcting them. Younger dogs that are being destructive should probably be confined more to a kennel or a puppy proof area. Just as you would not let a baby crawl all over the house unattended you don't want your puppy to either. Consider buying toys that encourage mental stimulation such as kongs or some of the premier products which are designed specifically for behavior issues. Pet co carry premier products such as the "Tug-a-jug" which is my most recommended toy. I can't say I've had one client or dog that didn't absolutely love this toy.

For dogs that have anxiety or get a little bored training some basic commands on a routine basis could help dramatically reduce chewing behavior. Commands such as sit, down, place, and stay would help more then most imagine with calming your dog and curbing the need to chew. Daily walks can also help. Please feel free to give us a call at 904-237-2044 to discuss solutions in greater detail.
Yes! We are very much aware of this concern and are here to tell you set your mind at ease. We have developed a training process to prevent this. We train every dog one on one. Towards the end of training we proof our work by having another trainer test the commands. Upon completion of training we work with you to make sure your dog responds just as well to you. We will then show you multiple exercises to practice to keep training up to date. The exercises are short, simple, and doesn't require much work.

Through positive reinforcement such as luring techniques and rewards, your dog will ease out of bad habits and grow into the family pet you want and adore. We can arrange group classes (all held at local vets around Duval, St. Johns, and Clay counties) where your dog can learn to socialize with others as well as more personalized one-on-one training in your own home or in a public space you would like to bring your dog to.

In addition to just training and correcting behaviors with your dogs, we also reward you and your dog for good manners through out American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and S.T.A.R. Puppy programs. These programs stress the importance of good obedience and training in our dogs as well as good ownership practices in us.  CGC doesn’t lays the groundwork for good behavior, but also provides fun “extra-curricular” activities that you and your dog can participate in including obedience, agility, tracking, and performance competitions.  

Not only do we work to give dogs a second chance, we also work to give the same opportunity to humans. We work to give back to the community by training service dogs to become companions and aids to the mobility impaired.  We work to train good manners in our furry friends and good dog ownership practices so that in the event of a medical emergency you are not alone. 

After all, we’re in the business of training companions, not just dogs.